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We have proven experience in developing emergency management concepts for design projects and providing fresh, innovative, cost effective design solutions to meet your project goals and life safety needs.


Our team has a diverse background in many scopes and occupancy types. Our team has been involved in projects that include major tourist locations, airports, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, industrial complexes and residential condominium towers.  Our expertise allows us to contribute to all apsects of life safety for your building.


We believe in partnering with our clients and establishing a relationship that extends further than a single project. Our commitment to your success is unsurpassed. When you partner with Risk, you are teaming up with some of the most innovative, experienced, multi-disciplined Life Safety minds in Canada. We deliver constructive thinking you can build on.


We don't believe in structuring our proposals and scope of work to fit into a box.  We believe in flexibility and ensuring you remain satisfied; regardless of cost.

Where to Find Us:

Phone: 647-209-3484

Toll Free: 1-844-550-7475

Fax: 416-913-1836

What's New

We’re shaking up the industry again!! 


Fire and Life Safety Consultant companies are in large supply in North America.  We want to change that.  In order to rise above the industry standard, we are establishing a new level of service excellence. 


We are re-branding Risk as a Fire Science Engineering firm.


What is fire science?  Fire science refers to, by nature, the study of fire.  Our scope will be broken down to 3 key areas; The study of human behaviour, movement of fire and suppression of fire.

  1. The study of human behaviour in fire will encompass our fire alarm design, fire safety plan development and fire safety training and other services.  Everything that deals with how human react to fire.
  2. The study of the movement of fire will encompass the relationship with clients and their building facilities.  This includes Fire Investigations, Notice of Violations, Fire Code compliance consulting, fire separations, maglock design and other building elements that protect occupants.
  3. The study of fire suppression will encompass sprinkler design, special extinguishing and kitchen hood suppression systems and the Haven Fire Suppression system.

Risk Solutions is again rising above the competition and is the only relationship you need for all your life safety needs.

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