Fire Safety Plan Revisions


As you may be aware the Ontario Fire Code (O.Reg. 213/07), as amended, has been revised for 2015.


The revisions in the revised Code include the requirements of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms within residential occupancies and the addition of a substantial section to reflect Long Term Care Facilities. These changes have a direct impact on your Fire Safety Plan, its references and your maintenance procedures section regardless of occupancy. Revising only the Human Resources section of your Plan is not sufficient enough for compliancy.


Your Fire Safety Plan must be reviewed, and revised annually according to Div. B, Sentence Fire Safety Plans developed and approved prior to 2015 must be revised to include the new requirements and maintenance procedure references for it to remain compliant.


Failure to comply with the Ontario Fire Code may result in fines up to $100,000.


Please contact us to discuss how we may assist you in the review and revision of your Fire Safety Plan.

An Inside Look at Your Building


A proactive approach to life safety is the best way to mitigate Inspection Orders and fines from the fire department.  By reviewing your building systems and how the building "breathes" will provide valuable information to remain compliant to applicable Codes.


Performing a Building Condition Assessment will enable us to detail your building's components and identify non-compliant areas that require your immediate attention. 


Items reviewed in our report include:


1. Containment, including, fire separations, firewalls, construction assemblies, occupancy separations, and interior finishes


2. Detection, including alarm and detection systems, and voice communication systems


3. Suppression, including fire department access, standpipe and hose systems, sprinkler or special fire suppression systems, and firefighters’ elevators


4. Egress, including the number, type, access to, direction to, lighting for the identification of exits, fire escapes, occupant load, and emergency lighting.


This report is extremely detailed and our fee is less than you may think.


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Home Emergency Kit...Do You Have One?


When your smoke alarm activates, you smell smoke or see fire in your house; what do you do? Do you panic? Do you investigate? Do you leave and call 911?


Obviously, the best solution is to leave the building and call 911. What if you couldn’t? What would you do? Are you prepared?


The majority of us are not. In fact, 95% of households do not have a safety plan or know where their secondary escape route is. Planning for an emergency before it happens is the single most important task to do to protect your family. Knowing exactly where your secondary route is, and, more importantly, practising the escape route, will save your family’s life.


The East coast of North America survived the blackout of 2004. However, would you be prepared today? We recommend putting together a long term evacuation kit for such an emergency. For those living in an apartment, this could prove invaluable when access to the building is limited or restricted for days or weeks.


Our Residential Safety Kits assist you in preparing for these emergencies. All our kits include the preparation of a detailed personalized emergency plan. Also included are 3 fire extinguishers (including one for the kitchen), a 2 storey folding emergency escape ladder, 3 smoke alarms and of course a storage bin for the evacuation kit.


Contact us today, so you’re prepared for tomorrow.


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