Building Condition Assessments           Life Safety Study

A building condition assessment is designed for building owners who are proactive with Fire Code compliance and maintenance. Our report will establish a flexible date for deficiencies to be completed and may be used to demonstrate a proactive approach to fire safety with the fire Inspector.  

A Life Safety Study is, essentially, a building condition assessment.  However, it is requested by the fire department and requires an Engineer's stamp with firm dates of compliance completion.  Therefore, more expensive.

We will perform the following:


  • Physical site review of the properties;
  • A detailed assessment of the life safety performance requirements, clearly identifying items not meeting the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code, as amended;
  • A detailed description of how an acceptable level of life safety can be achieved. 

Our report shall include, but is not limited to:

Containment, including

  • fire separations,
  • firewalls,
  • construction assemblies,
  • occupancy separations, and
  • interior finishes,


Detection, including

  • alarm and detection systems, and
  • voice communication systems,


Suppression, including

  • fire department access,
  • standpipe and hose systems,
  • sprinkler or special fire suppression systems, and
  • firefighters’ elevators, and


Egress, including

  • the number, type, access to, direction to, lighting for and identification of exits,
  • fire escapes,
  • occupant load, and
  • emergency lighting.


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