Fire Investigations


We will develop a comprehensive report stipulating the origin and cause of fires occurring in your buildings.


Our report will consist of, but not limited to, the following:




  • A description of the scene will be detailed with information including approximate damage estimate, personnel involved and the fire scene.


Building Information


  • A description of the site will be detailed including the type of construction, year of construction and building facilities


Life Safety System


  • A description detailing the building fire alarm system (if equipped), sprinkler system, fire detectors and ancillary equipment.  Supported equipment such as fire pumps and generator will be detailed in this section.


Fire Scene and Investigation


  • A detailed analysis of the fire scene will be outlined including our initial scene observations, interviews with personnel (including firefighters, staff and witnesses)
  • A detailed synopsis of the fire scene will be detailed including all observations at the fire scene. Delayering of the scene, where required, will be noted in the section




  • Detailed pictures will be taken at all angles and from different perspectives
  • Pictures will show a larger overview and gradually concentrate on the suspected origin and cause of the fire.
  • Reference notes will be included with the pictures




  • We will state our opinion of the origin and cause of the fire in this section
  • We will discredit other possible causes where applicable.




Where required, we will provide our recommendations for the prevention of future fires with similar scenariosWe will develop a comprehensive report stipulating the origin and cause of fires occurring in your buildings.


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What's New

We’re shaking up the industry again!! 


Fire and Life Safety Consultant companies are in large supply in North America.  We want to change that.  In order to rise above the industry standard, we are establishing a new level of service excellence. 


We are re-branding Risk as a Fire Science Engineering firm.


What is fire science?  Fire science refers to, by nature, the study of fire.  Our scope will be broken down to 3 key areas; The study of human behaviour, movement of fire and suppression of fire.

  1. The study of human behaviour in fire will encompass our fire alarm design, fire safety plan development and fire safety training and other services.  Everything that deals with how human react to fire.
  2. The study of the movement of fire will encompass the relationship with clients and their building facilities.  This includes Fire Investigations, Notice of Violations, Fire Code compliance consulting, fire separations, maglock design and other building elements that protect occupants.
  3. The study of fire suppression will encompass sprinkler design, special extinguishing and kitchen hood suppression systems and the Haven Fire Suppression system.

Risk Solutions is again rising above the competition and is the only relationship you need for all your life safety needs.

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