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Fire Warden and Key First Responder Training Seminar


In addition to the requirement of staff training implemented in the Fire Safety (Evacuation) Plan; training of Supervisory Staff is required under Clause 2.8.2.(2)(c) of the Ontario Fire Code which states “provide for the training of supervisory staff and the instruction of other occupants in their responsibilities for fire safety”

As such, we will provide a one hour training seminar for Fire Wardens and key response personal and will include seminar handouts.

The training seminar will include a review of:


  • The Fire Safety Plan;

  • Building’s life safety system features;

  • The Fire Warden and key response personal and their emergency response procedures and duties.


We will include a digital copy of the presentation in PowerPoint format.


Fire Drill Test Scripts


To mitigate supervisory staff confusion and operational inconsistencies, RiSK  will develop a step by step fire drill and monthly test script.  The script will be building specific to detail the operator’s procedures and the system’s subsequent events. 


This will enable supervisory staff to document site observations in context with the prescribed operator activities. 


A companion check sheet tailored for the operator and the supervisory staff can be developed to document observations in context with the defined event matrix.  In addition, all future operator training with respect to fire drills and monthly tests can be provided via a single uniform document. 


Drill Scenarios


 RiSK   will develop a series of 3 Fire Drill scenarios tailored to the client’s specific building and occupancy configuration.  The scenarios will encompass unique aspects of the building while incorporating the functions of the fire alarm system and building operator’s procedures as detailed in the approved Fire Safety Plan.


The objective of the Scenarios is to test the response of the building operator, the function of the fire alarm system and the procedures in the Fire Safety Plan during an emergency event.

Fire Extinguisher Training


 RiSK   is committed to assisting you with reducing your risk of loss due to a fire. This two-part Fire Extinguisher Training program combines both theory and practical hands-on demonstration and is designed for Office, Industrial and Construction sectors.

The safe operation of portable fire extinguishers is your first line of defense in protecting your people and property in the event of a fire. The objective of our Fire Extinguisher Training is to inform, demonstrate and provide confidence to employees in the safe and effective use of fire extinguishers in the workplace. Fires start small and may be extinguished by well-trained, knowledgeable employees using the proper equipment.

Part 1

This portion of the program takes approximately 30 minutes of indoor instruction.

  • Identification of the benefits of training from an employer/employee perspective
  • Knowledge of the three elements of fire
  • Recognition of the classifications of fire
  • Review portable fire extinguisher ratings, uses, and methods of operation
  • Understand the PASS method
  • Review portable fire extinguisher maintenance and inspection processes

Part 2

Using specialized training equipment we simulate real fire situations for practice in extinguishing A, B and C type fires.

  • “Hands-on” experience of a real fire situation in a controlled environment
  • Practice the proper and most effective use of the portable fire extinguisher
  • Our automated demonstration system allows the trainee to ”get it right.”


Fire Code Compliance Assessment


The purchasing or acquisition of a property can be a daunting task.  In many cases, a Fire Code compliance assessment must be performed as part of the condition of sale or take-over.


In other cases, owners request this service to inform them of deficiencies to their facility that may impact occupant and employee safety.  This report is helpful when owners are considering a change to their insurance requirements.  


 RiSK   will perform a field review of your facility and note any Fire Code deficiencies.  An analysis will be performed and a detailed report issued to you along with solutions that may be used to achieve compliance. 


We look forward to hearing from you with your life safety request and working with you to ensure your facility is as safe as possible.

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What's New

We’re shaking up the industry again!! 


Fire and Life Safety Consultant companies are in large supply in North America.  We want to change that.  In order to rise above the industry standard, we are establishing a new level of service excellence. 


We are re-branding Risk as a Fire Science Engineering firm.


What is fire science?  Fire science refers to, by nature, the study of fire.  Our scope will be broken down to 3 key areas; The study of human behaviour, movement of fire and suppression of fire.

  1. The study of human behaviour in fire will encompass our fire alarm design, fire safety plan development and fire safety training and other services.  Everything that deals with how human react to fire.
  2. The study of the movement of fire will encompass the relationship with clients and their building facilities.  This includes Fire Investigations, Notice of Violations, Fire Code compliance consulting, fire separations, maglock design and other building elements that protect occupants.
  3. The study of fire suppression will encompass sprinkler design, special extinguishing and kitchen hood suppression systems and the Haven Fire Suppression system.

Risk Solutions is again rising above the competition and is the only relationship you need for all your life safety needs.

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